When it comes to outdoor apparel, Barbour is a name synonymous with quality, durability, and timeless style. In this blog post, we will delve into the world of the Barbour Game Parka, a true icon in the realm of outerwear. Designed to withstand the harshest weather conditions while exuding elegance, the Barbour Game Parka is a versatile garment that seamlessly combines functionality with a touch of luxury. Join us as we explore the features, craftsmanship, and enduring appeal of this exceptional piece of outdoor attire.

Heritage and Craftsmanship

Barbour’s rich heritage, spanning over a century, is deeply rooted in the British countryside. The Game Parka reflects this heritage through its impeccable craftsmanship and attention to detail. Every stitch and seam is a testament to Barbour’s commitment to quality. Made from premium materials, such as waxed cotton and durable fabrics, the Game Parka offers exceptional protection against the elements, ensuring you stay warm and dry during your outdoor pursuits.

Weatherproof Performance

One of the standout features of the Barbour Game Parka is its exceptional weatherproof performance. The waxed cotton outer shell, a signature of Barbour’s iconic jackets, provides excellent water resistance, keeping you shielded from rain and snow. Additionally, the Game Parka is designed with a longer length, offering enhanced coverage and protection, making it ideal for those who enjoy outdoor activities in diverse weather conditions.

Versatile Design and Functionality

The Game Parka effortlessly combines style with functionality. With its timeless and versatile design, it seamlessly transitions from country walks to urban adventures. The parka features multiple pockets, including spacious front pockets and interior pockets, providing ample storage space for essentials like keys, wallets, and mobile devices. A detachable hood with a luxurious faux fur trim adds a touch of elegance while offering additional protection during cold and windy days.

Comfort and Durability

Comfort and durability are key considerations in any outdoor garment, and the Barbour Game Parka excels in both areas. The parka is thoughtfully designed with a comfortable and relaxed fit, allowing for ease of movement and layering. The high-quality materials and superior construction ensure longevity, making the Game Parka a long-term investment that will accompany you on countless adventures.

Iconic Style

The Barbour Game Parka exudes timeless style and sophistication. Its clean lines, classic silhouette, and subtle detailing make it a versatile piece that effortlessly elevates any outfit. Whether worn with jeans and boots for a casual outdoor look or layered over tailored clothing for a more refined ensemble, the Game Parka adds an air of understated elegance to your wardrobe.

Men’s Barbour Game Parka Jacket

Men’s Barbour Game Parka Jacket

Raise your style and your sporting game in the Barbour Game parka in 100% waxed cotton with all the practical qualities you’d expect from a country jacket like gun pockets, cartridge holders and leather look elbow patches. This warm and waterproof parka embraces the contemporary with its integral drawstring hood, slim fit and bold contrasting buttons. The Barbour logo to the left hand pocket signs it off as another iconic piece from the British heritage brand.

Exude an air of country cool in this Barbour Game parka. Made from the brand’s signature waxed cotton, it boasts waterproof properties and is super warming thanks to its fleecy trims. Slim fitting and issued here in olive green, the jacket is fitted with traditional features, such as: cartridge holders and reinforced elbow patches.

cartridge holders and reinforced elbow patches
  • 100% Cotton
  • Waxed Fabric
  • Drawstring Hood
  • Zip Closure with Storm Flap
  • 3 Front Pockets
  • Adjustable Trims
  • Style Code: MWX0698OL71

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Barbour Game Waxed Parka Jacket

Barbour Game Waxed Parka Jacket


Perfect for the cooler weather and beyond, the Men’s Barbour Game Waxed Parka Jacket has been crafted from a waxed cotton outer to offer a weatherproof finish.

Sure to keep you dry, this jacket will be your perfect partner whether you are heading out on a country pursuit or simply into town.

This parka combines features of gun pockets, cartridge holders and a contrast yoke and back panel and is finished with leather arm patches for a true hunting/winter feel.


The Barbour Game Parka epitomizes the perfect blend of style and functionality in outdoor apparel. With its exceptional craftsmanship, weatherproof performance, versatile design, leather effect arm patches, authentic country feel, flattering look, slim-fitting design, and enduring style, it is a true investment piece for outdoor enthusiasts and fashion connoisseurs alike. From the British countryside to the bustling streets, the Game Parka stands as a symbol of enduring quality, offering warmth, protection, and timeless sophistication for all your outdoor adventures. Embrace the heritage and craftsmanship of Barbour with the Game Parka, and embark on your next outdoor journey with confidence and style.

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